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Robot Game for XNA 4.0

This is a port of the the old XNA Creators Club (now App Hub) sample mini game - .

Currently single player compiles and runs (mostly) correctly for Windows. It requires HiDef but some simple code tweaks may be all that are necessary to get it to Reach (I toyed with it for a few minutes then decided I need to get back to other projects for now). If someone out there still has XNA 2 installed, let me know how this compares to the original. I think the explosions look a lot less impressive than the screenshots of the old version made them appear to be. Versus mode runs but has significant visual glitches. Try it and you'll see what I mean. Several classes that this game relies on simply do not exist on Xbox 360 anymore. As such, getting it to work on there will require quite a bit of effort, something I do not currently have time for.

I'm making this available so that others who might find time to play with it can build upon my initial work of porting it from XNA 2.0 (yes, 2.0). While there are some things in here that are a bit old stylistically (e.g. it uses events for much of its drawing functionality and it implements quite a few things by hand that have since become part of the framework itself, obviating the need for those components), there's also some good material in here. The collision detection stuff might be worth a look and some might find AddVertexColorProcessor (my own custom content pipeline extension of the ModelProcessor class to add a Color0 channel to a model that doesn't have it, thereby allowing the use of vertex colors, (which the game uses for dead enemies)) interesting in that it demonstrates how to add extra channels to a model's vertices.

As a tip, if you decide to try fixing some of the issues that are present, looking at the old source might prove very useful. Much of it I simply commented out, but some things I removed completely or changed in place so don't rely on what's commented out as a guide to how it originally looked.

The code changes are messy and I did not document my changes much at all. Primarily it was a matter of switching from the old style caps system to the new states system and adding in an extra RenderTarget2D to work around the removal of ResolveTarget2D.

Discussions should (preferably) take place on this thread:

Please note that most of the materials were created by and are copyright Microsoft and have been released by them under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). My additions and modifications are also released under the Ms-PL. My porting efforts have not been endorsed by Microsoft (though I doubt they'd mind) and are not officially supported by them. I'm not Microsoft. I don't work for Microsoft (though it'd be awesome if I did). If this doesn't work for you for some reason, post in the above thread and I'll see what I can do as and when I have time (I usually can make time, but not always right away).

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